Evan McElreath


Director of Youth and Mission
September 2015

Evan McElreath moved to Old East Rome from Boone, North Carolina. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies from Appalachian State University where he minored in Non Profit Development. In Boone, Evan worked with his alma mater's alumni association and other community building and youth development non profits. Before shifting into the local church, Evan spent five years in Christian camp ministry in New Hampshire and Virginia and is a certified camp director by the American Camp Association. Being passionate about people, the move to Rome seemed natural. Evan just married Katie in October, and they are both trying to figure out what a "normal" life looks like. Evan enjoys a good film, alt rock, a Netflix binge, Thai food, hiking, and spending too much money on vinyl records. He likes to feel smart by being a member of the American Academy of Religion and the Association for the Sociology of Religion. He also likes to think you're smart and therefore assumes you know he is writing in third person and struggling with it. Evan is currently furthering his education through the Youth Ministry Coaching Program and Youth Ministry Institute (a collaboration between the Youth Cartel and the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church). Evan has always been a Methodist, but unfortunately it took him nearly 20 years to figure that out.