Leadership for Rome First
One Board 2017


One Board Officers

Chair: David Hale
Vice Chair: Renee Webb
Secretary: Cindy McGehee
Treasurer: Brenda Harp


Class of 2017:

Class of 2018:

Class of 2019

Trustee Focus

Larry Smith

David Shelton

Jerry Littlefield

Finance Focus

Will Wood (Lay Leader)

Brenda Harp

Ron Taylor


SPR Focus

Cindy McGehee

David Hale

Ginger Ingram

Love God Team Leaders: Rebekah Kinney & Sondra Wilkins

Love People Team Leaders: Kirsten Taylor & Pete McDonald

Serve the World Team Leaders: Rhonda Eichenberger & Larry Walker

Vision/Pathway Team Leader: – Renee Webb

UMW President (Ex Officio): Cindy Shelton

Lay Delegates (Ex Officio): Michelle Horton (Ruth Martin - Alternate)

Nominations and Lay Leadership Team by term:
2019 - Jennie McDonald & Steve Harp   2018 – Sid Bell & Nancy Ivester  2017 – Keith Howell & Renee Webb   

The Nominations and Lay Leadership Team will elect the Boards leadership - Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.  The Chair of the Board will convene the meetings and serve as the contact /representative for all “official” business of Rome First.   

Each Focus Area may include ad hoc members for specific special “projects” or for delegated tasks from the Board.  Ad Hoc members will serve until their respective task is completed.

All Meetings of the One Board will be open meetings.   (All members of the church are invited and encouraged to attend)
(The exception to the open meeting policy will be if a Human Resources/Personnel Issue is being discussed that is deemed “sensitive” in nature – i.e. staff compensation, and evaluations.)