Lay Leadership of Rome First

All meeting of One Board will be *open meetings. All members of the church are invited and encouraged to attend. (*The exception to the open meeting policy will be if a Human Resources/Personnel Issue is being discussed that is deemed "sensitive" in nature - i.e. staff compensation, evaluation, etc.) Each Focus area may include ad hoc members for specific special "projects" or for delegated tasks from the Board. Ad Hoc members will serve until their respective task is completed.  For minutes to One Board meetings, click HERE

Leadership of Rome First
One Board 2018

One Board Officers
Chair: David Hale
Vice Chair: Renee Webb
Secretary:  Rebekah Kinney
Treasurer: Brenda Harp

Class of 2018
Trustee Focus: Dave Shelton
Finance Focus: Brenda Harp
SPRC Focus: David Hale

Class of 2019
Trustee Focus:
Jerry Littlefield
Finance Focus: Ron Taylor
SPRC Focus: Ginger Ingram

Class of 2020
Trustee Focus:
Larry Smith
Finance Focus: Mark Manis
SPRC Focus: Mark Webb

Love God Team Leaders: Rebekah Kinney & Sondra Wilkins
Love People Team Leaders: Kirsten Taylor & Margie DeShon
Serve The World Team Leaders: Melanie Baker & Ryann Jett
Ex-Officio Members: UMW President, Cindy Shelton; Lay Delegate, Michelle Horton (alternant delegate - Ruth Martin); Lay Leader, Tim Galloway

Lay Leadership and Nominations team by term: 2018: Sid Bell & Nancy Ivester; 2019: Jeanie McDonald & Steve Harp; 2020: Leslie Hightower, Roy Willingham & Gloria Astin