Church Council Reorganization for 2016

On October 17, 2015, The Church Council voted to adopt the One Board Model of organization for Rome First UMC.

The One Board Model merges trustees, finance, and SPR to one executive leadership team that becomes Church Council. The One Board Church Council model will allow Rome First to streamline the foundational or support ministries’ work and meetings and equip the congregation to be more active in serving the world and making disciples.


The work of the foundational ministry teams is vital for the maintenance of the church’s ministry and building, but is not actually the work of making disciples, reaching out to new people, or serving the world. However, often in our church structure, we have so many people serving on those foundationaland administrative committees and spending so much time in meetings that a disproportionate amount of faithful servants in the congregation are not using their gifts primarily for transformational ministry. Rome First currently has 30 talented, gifted, generous, and faithful people serving on the trustee, finance, and SPR committees. Many of those people begin to feel overburdened when they try to take on other responsibilities in other ministry areas. The goal of this model would be to streamline the administrative work of the church and free members to be more actively engaged in ministry.


1.       The One Board/Church Council will carry out the administrative functions of the Trustees, Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee (SPRC/PPRC), Finance Committee, and Administrative Board/Council.

2.       The One Board/Church Council will be composed of 9-16 members elected by the Charge Conference.  There shall also be a set number of ex officio members with vote.

3.       The elected members will be divided into three classes.  Members may serve two consecutive terms if elected. 

4.       The elected members will include the Council Chairperson and Lay Leader, and the Lay Members to Annual Conference will be included as ex-officio members with vote.

5.       Three of the elected members will have primary responsibility for the functions of the Trustees, three will have primary responsibility for the functions of the Staff Parish Relations Committee, and three will have primary responsibility for the functions of the Finance Committee.  The financial secretary and the church treasurer, if not paid employees of the church, will be included in those elected to fulfill the function of the Finance Committee.

6.       To carry out corporate functions the Council shall elect from its membership a vice Chairperson and a Secretary.  This is necessary and will be utilized only as it relates to carrying out responsibilities of a corporate nature assigned to trustees. 

7.       In addition to the One Board/Church Council, the Charge Conference shall also elect the Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development. (¶ 258.1).

8.       The staff, volunteer and paid, is accountable to the pastor.  As such hiring, supervision, assessment, and termination are the responsibility of the pastor.  These tasks should be done with consultation with the One Board/Church Council.  The staff’s work will be assessed by the pastor based on performance goals established by the pastor.

9.       The pastor is accountable to the One Board/Church Council.  The Council and Pastor will set performance goals each year by which the pastor’s work will be assessed and for which the pastor will be accountable.

One Board/Church Council will meet according to a published meeting calendar set at the beginning of each calendar year. The meeting dates and times for the One Board/Church Council for 2016 are:

(All Meetings at 6 PM in Wilder Dining Room unless otherwise posted or revised)

Thursday, January 21,Thursday, March 17, Thursday, April 14, Thursday, May 26, Thursday, June 23, Thursday, July 28, Thursday, September 1, Thursday, October 27, andThursday, December 1.

They will meet no fewer than four times throughout the calendar year.  Meetings are open and guests are welcome to attend. Minutes will be published, including financial reports, and made available to the congregation as is the current practice. Confidential SPR work would require moving into a closed meeting and asking guests to leave, as is also current practice.

Special projects might involve people outside of the elected Church Council to work in partnership with One Board/Church Council members for a short term project. For example, building repair quotes or interview teams might call upon people who are not elected to One Board/Church Council and invite them to serve just for a specific need.

Leadership for Rome First One Board/Church Council for 2016                                                                                                       Trustee Focus              Finance Focus                  SPR Focus

Class of 2016                      Jerry Littlefield     Emily Stuckey ** (Treasurer)      Frank Beacham

Class of 2017                      Larry Smith           Will Wood* (Lay Leader)           Cindy McGehee

Class of 2018                       Sarah Maddox       Brenda Harp                              David Hale


LOVE GOD TEAM LEADERS – Rebekah Kinney & Sondra Wilkins

LOVE PEOPLE TEAM LEADERS – Kirsten Taylor & Pete McDonald

SERVE THE WORLD TEAM LEADERS – Rhonda Eichenberger & Cathy Aiken-Freeman

Vision/Pathway Team Leader – TBD

Ex-Officio Members – UMW President                                              

Lay Delegates–Ruth Martin & Hillary Oliver (Alternates – Lynn Sartain & Jeb Arp)

Lay Leadership and Nominations Team by term 2018 – Sid Bell & Nancy Ivester-  2017- Keith Howell & Renee Webb   2016 – Pam Roberts & Emily Wood

Note: Each Council member has an area of primary focus, but all members are informed about, pray about, vision for, and vote on all areas of focus.

Disciplinary Permission for this Reorganization

The alternative structure is based on ¶ 247.2 of the 2008 Book of Discipline:

The charge conference, the district superintendent, and the pastor shall organize and administer the pastoral charge and churches according to the policies and plans herein set forth. When the membership size, program scope, mission resources, or other circumstances so require, the charge conference may, in consultation with and upon the approval of the district superintendent, modify the organizational plans, provided that the provisions of ¶ 243 are observed.

¶ 243 of the 2008 Book of Discipline:

Primary Tasks—The local church shall be organized so that it can pursue its primary task and mission in the context of its own community—reaching out and receiving with joy all who will respond; encouraging people in their relationship God and inviting them to commitment to God’s love in Jesus Christ; providing opportunities for them to seek strengthening and growth in spiritual formation; and supporting them to live lovingly and justly in the power of the Holy Spirit as faithful disciples.

      In carrying out its primary task, it shall be organized so that adequate provision is made for these basic responsibilities: (1) planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, and witness for persons and families within and without the congregation; (2) providing for effective pastoral and lay leadership; (3) providing for financial support, physical facilities, and the legal obligations of the church; (4) utilizing appropriate relationship and resources of the district and annual conference; (5) providing for the proper creation, maintenance, and disposition of documentary record material of the local church; and (6) seeking inclusiveness in all aspects of its life.