One Board October 2016 Minutes


l Call to Order, Scripture, and Prayer—Brenda Harp  
The devotion focused on Matthew 7:24-29, building a strong foundation.                                           
II Approval of Minutes—Cindy McGehee, Secretary
III Finance Team—Will Woods

A.             At this time pledges are paid at 72%, and non-pledge contributions are at 48.5%.  Non-pledge contributions were overestimated for the year, so we may be below the budget projections; however, we are not spending more than we have on hand. October through December are good months for donations, so we expect to receive more during this period.  At this time we have $17,000 plus in the general checking account, and the staff is keeping expenses below their budget amounts.  Brenda asked if there were any questions from the report sent out by Barbara Mull.  There were no questions.

B.             Motion: The One Board authorizes Renee Wallace’s name to be deleted from all Greater Community Bank accounts for Rome First United Methodist Church and Carolyn Brearley’s name to be added to all accounts.  The motion passed.

C.            Motion: The One Board authorizes all accounts with Sun Trust Bank to be

         permanently closed. The motion passed.

    D. The Profit and Loss Statement for Rome First School for July 1, 2015,

         through June 30, 2016 has been reviewed by Meredith Brown and officially closed for the year.


IV.      SPRC Report—Frank Beacham

A.             Motion to accept pastor’s salary increase. Frank discussed proposed pastor compensation, and suggested a three percent increase.  He noted Robert had not received increases in some previous years.  A motion was made to accept the proposed pastor’s compensation and passed.

B.             Staff changes. Carolyn Brearley was hired to be the Financial Administrator and began work on October 3, 2016.  Barbara Mull will be retiring on October 20, 2016, and a reception will be held in her honor on that day.  Barbara will remain involved in the Rome First School, and will occasionally consult for the church.  Cathy Aiken-Freeman was hired as the Director of Children’s Ministry.  Cathy asked that anyone interested in teaching children please contact her.  Frank noted that all positions are currently filled for the church staff.


V.       Trustees Report—Jerry Littlefield

A.             There is no update on the status of the sanctuary windows, but now that the stewardship campaign has ended, the Trustees will begin asking for donations.

B.             Update on North Rome UMC property. The trustees and Robert visited the North Rome UMC property and noted that the sanctuary is good shape, while the education building will need repairs.  The proposal for the Trustees of Rome First to oversee the facilities at North Rome UMC will be presented to the District Trustees on October 18th.  Robert Brown noted that community kitchen, and Dr. Janice Merritt (from Rebecca Blaylock) are willing to join us in community partnership for that facility.  We are the only proposal to be presented for consideration to the Trustees, but the District Trustees might decide to sell the property.  


VI.      Stewardship Campaign—Dr. Robert Brown

A.             To date we have received 93 pledge cards with $479,346 in pledges.  Last year we received 130 pledge cards. Based on previous experience, we expect to receive more pledges over the next few weeks.

VII.       Committee on Lay Leadership—Dr. Robert Brown

A.             Election of church officers for 2017.  The nomination team and lay leaders have nominated the following slate of officers for the Rome First One Board 2017: members of the class of 2019: Trustee Focus: Jerry Littlefield, Finance Focus: Ron Taylor, SPR Focus: Ginger Ingram.  Additionally, the nominated Larry Walker to the Serve the World team, and Jeanie McDonald to the Lay Leadership and Nominations Team.     One Board slate of officers for 2017 were Chair: David Hale, Vice Chair: Renee Webb, Secretary: Cindy McGehee, and Treasurer: Brenda Harp.  Robert noted that One Board has no funds, but the Treasurer is responsible to review and sign checks, and serves as a system of checks and balances to the church finance administrator.  Nominations for Lay Delegate and an additional person to the Lay leadership and nominations team were taken from the floor.  There were no nominations, so One Board members will ask to see if others are interested in filling these positions.


VIII.      Date for next regular meeting is December 13th at 5:00.  

At this time One Board will review and evaluate the current year’s operations and plan for 2017.  There will be a light dinner and RSVP’s are needed to plan for food.


IX.        Charge Conference: October 30, 2016 at Rome First UMC.  

If possible arrive at 4:00 pm to greet visitors and assist with parking.  This event will be held in the Sanctuary.  


X.         Communications Report - Jennifer Talley

Brenda asked if there were any questions regarding the communications report submitted by Jennifer Talley.  There were no questions.


XI.        Dismissal and Prayer Robert Brown