One Board August 2016 Minutes


V.        Motion from Finance Team - Emily Stuckey


            See attached Finance Team Report


We need to open a line of credit at Greater Community Bank because we moved our checking account there. The committee made the following motion:


The One Board authorizes the establishment of a credit line of $65,000 with Greater Community Bank.  The signers for the line of credit will be two of the following: the Financial Administrator, the One Board Chair, the One Board Vice Chair, or the One Board Secretary.


The motion was made to accept the motion, and seconded.  There was no discussion.  The motion was approved.  


VI.       SPRC Report Frank Beacham


            Frank noted the following transitions in the staff:


-Mike Hooper resigned and Ron Goodwin was hired as Building Superintendent at 28 hours a week, and as church sexton for Sunday only.  

-Dawn Daniels resigned as First School Director and Jennifer Holdbrooks and Debbie Hart were named as co-directors for the school.  

-Barbara Mull is adding five hours a week to work in the preschool’s office keeping their books.  

-Winnie Holland will be attending One Board meetings as chair of the advisory council for Rome First School.

-We are searching for a children's ministry leader and have several candidates.  This position is currently a 10 hour Sunday only position with responsibilities separate from the school administrator.  Hours may be added later if necessary, but we are beginning at 10 hours a week.  Hopefully, this position will be filled by mid-September.  


VII.      Trustee Report - Jerry Littlefield


            Jerry noted that all organ repairs are now complete.  The concern now turns to addressing

the sanctuary windows.  They are in worse shape than they appear and some windows are bowed from the weather.  Some sashes are original and need to be repaired.  In total, there are 33 windows that need repairing, painting and sealing with glass to reduce  ultra-violet light damage.


The trustees received two bids, one from Hardeman Fine Art Glass for $121,500, and one from Leeds for $228,000.  They believe the bid from Hartman Glass is the bid we should accept.  The bid is for $88,000 to repair the glass and an additional $33,000 for painting and restoration. The work could be done in two phases. This repair should take two to three months, and it would not preclude services in the Sanctuary.  They would like these repairs to be funded separately from the Capital Campaign and the Stewardship Campaign.  They are hopeful that members would like to dedicate  a window to a loved one.


The Trustees made a motion to authorize the Trustee Section of RFUMC One Board to proceed with fundraising and repair of the Sanctuary windows as above, separate from the Capital Campaign and Stewardship Campaign.  


Discussion included questions in the following areas:

·        Questions about the discrepancy in the bid amounts.

·        Did you speak to other churches in eh area?  How about the usage of Lexan instead of glass coverings?  The trustees were considering the energy savings in the use of sealed glass.

·        They noted that some windows will need to be temporarily removed to be restored.

·        Questions were raised about the funding of this project, and the Trustees noted they wanted to make inquiries as to the availability of funds for this project.

·        Can we repair some now and wait for later?  It will cost more if they are not repaired at one time.

·        Concerns were raised about the current Capital Campaign and the ability to receive donations for the windows without affecting the Operating Budget or Capital campaign or upcoming Stewardship Campaign.  It was noted that sometimes people give from stocks or other investments to special projects such as restoring the windows.    

·        Do we know the impact on our energy costs because of sealing the windows?  There will be some savings, but because the HVAC is not used every day the savings will be for Sunday usage.   

·        Can the requests be delayed until after the second Sunday in October (the end of the Stewardship Campaign)?


The motion was rewritten by Renee Webb, accepted by the trustees, and seconded by Will Wood:


After the conclusion of the Stewardship Campaign, the Trustee Section of the RFUMC One Board may proceed with fundraising and repair of the Sanctuary windows as above.  This is an over and above gift from the Capital Campaign and the Stewardship Campaign.  


The motion was approved.

-Jerry also noted that the AC in the kitchen pad to be repaired or replaced? That cost was covered by the annual budget.  

-There is now a smaller bench in the Sanctuary with chairs on either end.  These chairs are useful to those needing the assistance of chair arms for standing.  There is a sign that identifies these chairs so they can be easily identified.


VIII.     Living into Our Vision - Dr. Robert Brown

-Robert noted that it was time for the nomination committee to convene and select a slate of candidates for the One Board.

-Sarah Maddox has requested to be removed from One Board.  We will not fill her vacancy at this time.


Robert discussed the need to live out and into our vision and shared some ideas from a conversation with Melanie Baker from Community Kitchen.  (see attached notes)

He noted that while the Community Kitchen had additional ideas for outreach to the community, they were limited by their 501(c)3 to serving food.  He noted that our 501(c)3 was much broader and offered us an opportunity to reach the people of north Rome.  


He noted that the North Georgia Annual Conference closed North Rome UMC, but does not want to sell the building at this time.  The District trustees will meet in three weeks and he proposed that we make a proposal to the Rome Carrollton District Trustees for Rome First to be the leasing agent for the north Rome UMC church property.  He noted that our one board trustees would manage the property; however, the district trustees would approve leases.


Robert made the motion to authorize the Board of Trustee section of RFUMC One Board to propose to the district trustees that they act as the leasing agents for the North Rome UMC, through an ad hoc committee.


            Larry Smith seconded the motion and it was approved.


Robert mentioned ways that we could use our existing property for other community opportunities.  


Robert noted our upcoming stewardship campaign would be “linked together” and the One Board and others attending the meeting completed their links for tithes, service, prayers, and talents.


IX.       The date for the next regular meeting will be October 13, 2016, at 6:00 pm, in the education wing.

X.        Date for Charge Conference: October 30, 2016

XI.       November meeting: Evaluation of the One Board


One Board members preferred a night meeting to a meeting on Saturday morning.  A suggestion was made to meet at 5:00 and have a light dinner before the meeting.


XII       Dismissal and Prayer - Evan McElreath