One Board December 2016 Minutes

One Board Retreat Meeting

December 13, 2016


  1. Call to Order and Welcome to New Board Members- Brenda Harp

Welcome new board members, Dave Shelton-Trustee, Ron Taylor-Finance, Ginger Ingram-SPR, Larry Walker-Serve the World, Michelle Horton-Lay delegate, Jenny McDonald, Steve Harp - Nominations

  1. Devotion and Prayer - Brenda Harp Matthew 28:16-20
  2. Team Meetings 6:00-6:45 pm, please meet with your team and discuss the following items:
  1. Evaluate 2016
  2. Make plans for 2017-One big planned event - “One Big Thing” with tie-in to North Rome property

IV.     Approval of Minutes- motion to approve by Larry Smith.  Minutes were approved. 

V.    Evaluations - Not enough responses to report at this time.  Fill out tonight and summary will be emailed later.  Current responses indicate a desire for pre-scheduled meetings.

VI.     Team Reports

A. Love God - Jennifer Talley sent out a survey for Advent worship.  The survey will close this week.  

B. Love People - La Donna Sawyer reported that the Love God/Love People committee discussed the importance of relationship building and that we need to create opportunities to build relationships.  The committee wants to expand congregational care to our current members and to foster care families.  

Ideas to serve foster care families include offering a meal, respite care and accommodations with other churches in Rome. In February, Rome will be the site of a IF conference.  IF is a conference to empower women to grow spiritually. Look for additional information.  We will also look for opportunities to serve Murphy Harpst through the transitional process when children turn 18 and must move out.  We can offer tips for living such as recipes, budgeting help, interview practice, and overall support and love these children.  

C. Serve the World-- Evan McElreath noted that the committee would like to find a name for the North Rome initiative, and undertake a PR campaign for the initiative.  He urged everyone to volunteer and to make connections.  There will be a scrolling announcement of ways to serve the church in the Wilder Center, and postings will be included in the Herald.  Additionally, handouts will be printed and available to encourage people to sign up to volunteer.  

VI.       Administrative Team- see individual reports below

VII.    New Business

  1. Trustees - Report on North Rome - We are beginning partnership conversations, and hope to have a contract from the district trustees and begin leasing discussions in January. Pete McDonald, has committed the Northwest Georgia Technical College Construction Management faculty and students to manage the renovations and updates to the North Rome UMC.  He  volunteered the support of the Early Childhood program as interns for the Child Care Center on the property.  He will additionally provide support in obtaining the necessary permits and building support for the project. Tours will be offered in January to anyone who would like to tour the North Broad facilities.  
  2. Staff Parish - Handbook changes-David Hale made a motion to approve the changes to the Employee Handbook as emailed on Friday and updated in the committee meeting.  He explained the changes and the motion was approved.
  3. Finance
  1. Finance Report - The endowment is projected to end the year with a balance in excess of $500,000, which will be a milestone.  There were no questions or comments regarding the distributed Finance Report.  
  2. Stewardship Campaign- The team update on the stewardship campaign indicates we should end the years with pledges of approximately the same amount as last year.
  3. Proposed Budget- Ron Taylor made a motion to accept the budget as emailed to everyone on Friday up to the proposed amount of $936,562. The motion was approved.  

Personal notes: 

Robert stated that he is excited to be in ministry here at Rome First.  Brenda’s devotional reminds us that we can be a mausoleum, a museum, or a coliseum with full participation.  These are thoughts for us to consider as we seek to be a transformative community all year.  Rome First has a passion to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ whether they cross our threshold not not.  He prays that if they cross our threshold they will find love, acceptance, and radical hospitality.  Robert thanked everyone for giving of themselves in leadership.

Brenda noted that this was her last meeting as president, and that it has been a new experience.  She encouraged everyone to give suggestions for the future and thanked everyone for their time, effort and understanding of implementing this new framework.  She passed the leadership to David Hale.

David stated that he was honored to serve and thanked Brenda for her service.  He is excited to work together as we continue to serve Jesus Christ in Rome.  He noted that with faith and help from the Spirit great things can happen in Rome.  

Frank thanked everyone for their support and understanding as the SPR worked through some difficult situations over the last few years.  


VIII.     Date for next regularly meeting with will January 17, 2017 and David Hale will be presiding.

IX.     Dismissal and Prayer - Robert Brown