One Board September 12, 2017

One Board Meeting Minutes Tuesday, September 12, 2017 5:30 PM

  • ●  Call to Order: Brenda Harp (Treasurer of One Board) acting on behalf of David Hale

  • ●  Opening Prayer: Dr. Robert Brown

  • ●  Motion by Larry Smith to approve minutes from the One Board meeting on 9/8/17

    • ○  Motion seconded by Kirsten Taylor

    • ○  The minutes were approved

  • ●  The Process before us this evening: Robert Brown

    • ○  Steps for Board of Church Location and Building

    • ○  Report from the Study Committee

    • ○  Questions for members of the Study Committee

  • ●  Robert Brown read through the Steps for Board of Church Location and Building:
    Steps for Board of Church Location and Building

  • When a local church senses a need to build a new building or remodel an existing building, the following steps shall be followed.

  • ●  Administrative Council appoints a Study Committee to:

    • ○  Analyze needs of the church and community

    • ○  Project potential membership with average attendance

    • ○  Write up the church's program ministry

    • ○  Develop an accessibility plan

    • ○  Develop a land use plan for all the church property

    • ●  The Study Committee shall take the proposal before either the regular session or a special called session of the Charge Conference (#1) for approval and the election of a Building Committee. The Building Committee shall consist of no less than three members. The Charge Conference may elect the trustees to be the Building Committee.

    • ●  The Building Committee shall:

      • ○  Develop a preliminary plan for the building using the findings of the Study

        Committee and other relevant factors.

      • ○  Develop a preliminary financial plan, including reliable cost estimate of any property to

        be purchased, and funding method.

      • ○  Develop preliminary architectural plans (,J2544.4c), including adequate parking,

        entrance, etc. and clearly locate the building site.

      • ○  Obtain approval of these preliminary plans from the District Board of Church

        Location and Building, the Pastor, and the District Superintendent.

    • ○  After approval of the District Committee, the Pastor, with the written consent of the District Superintendent, will call a special session of the Charge Conference {#2) where

    • the following will be presented:

    • The preliminary architectural plans:

    • The preliminary cost estimate;

    • The preliminary financial plan;

    • The Building Committee's recommendations.

    • ●  A majority vote of members present and voting shall be required to approve the preliminary plans and Building Committee recommendations.

    • ●  After approval by the Church Conference, develop detailed plans and cost estimates.

    • ●  Present these detailed plans and cost estimates to the Charge Conference (#3) and to

      the District Board of Church location and Building for approval.

    • ●  Once approval is obtained from the Charge Conference and District Board of Church Location and Building, the Building Committee may begin the building project.

    • ●  Written documentation substantiating the approval of Charge Conference and the District Board of Church Location and Building shall be placed on record with the District Superintendent and the secretary of the Charge Conference.

    • ●  Services of minority and female skilled persons in the construction trades shall be given opportunity to bid on the project and/or be employed by contractors where available.

    • ●  The local church shall obtain fee simple title to any property where a building is to be erected. Purchase should be contingent upon title guarantee and property's meeting of state and local environmental requirements.

    • ●  When a loan is needed, the church shall comply with 1]2540-2541.

    • ●  Cash on hand; pledges payable during the construction period and approval of any needed loan

      shall precede entering into the building contract to insure prompt payment of all building

      obligations in a timely manner.

    • ●  Neither the trustees nor any individual member shall personally guarantee any loan made to the

      church by any board or agency of the General conference.

    • ●  It is recommended that contractors should be bonded and contracts read and approved by the

      conference, district, or local church attorney .

    • NOTES:

      Under these provisions there are three separate Charge Conferences. The first to receive the Study Committee report and establish a Building Committee, the second to review the. preliminary plans and give a go ahead for final plans, and the third to review the detailed plans and give final approval to begin construction.

      There are also three separate occasions where The District Board of Church Location and Building must review plans, basically before each Charge Conference.
      Robert Brown stated:

    • ●  The purpose of this meeting, should we accept the report, is to appoint a building committee.

    • ●  Please note we are not building but purchasing a property

    • ●  Should there be a motion and agreement to move forward there would be a third meeting of the

      One Board.

    • ●  The purpose of the meeting tonight is not to vote on the purchase of the property

    • ●  Robert Brown read through the Report of the Study Committee appointed by the One Board:
      Report of the Study Committee Appointed by One Board

    • ●  The Study Committee comprised of the following members: Dr. Jerry Littlefield, Mrs. Brenda Harp, Mr. Ray Cox, Mrs. Jennifer Talley and Dr. Robert Brown offer this report as a summary of

    • ●  The Committee met with Mrs. Jane Slickman of First Christian to tour the First Christian Property located at the SE Corner of the block at the corner of E. Second Avenue and East Third Street.

    • ●  The physical address of the property and building is 209 East Second Ave. Rome GA 30161. The building is a 9,650 +/- sf Church building with a full basement on two tax parcels totaling 17,000 +/- sf.

    • ●  The appraised value of the Property according to an appraisal conducted by Dempsey Appraisal on July 24, 2017 is $450,000.00.

    • their appointed task and submit this report to complete the work they were designated and approved to perform.

    • The Work of the Study Committee followed the guidelines outlined by the District Board of Location and Building which are as follows:

    • ●  Currently Rome First does not have an immediate need for the additional space offered by the possible acquisition of the First Christian Property for the programs and ministries offered by Rome First.

    • ●  However, the Vision Pathway plan for Rome First includes a need for the expansion of space to allow interested ministry partners and area non-profits the opportunity to consolidate services, reduce overhead and streamline the "helping" ministries in Rome and Floyd County. The central downtown location of Rome First and the adjacent property formerly known as First Christian could provide such a space to meet the needs of existing non-profits and future non-profit helping ministries.

    • ●  Additionally the report of the 2016 Joel Committee report strongly urged the consideration of purchase of any available adjacent of contiguous properties should they become available.

    • ●  Some Possibilities for the Use of the Facility-

      • ○  Chapel for Rome First/ Contemporary Worship Space for a non-traditional midweek

        worship experience

      • ○  A Small/Mid-Size Wedding and reception venue to be leased by outside groups


      • ○  A Community Meeting/Gathering Space for small/mid-size non- profits offering GED,

        ESOL, Continuing Education classes.

      • ○  A Community Performing Arts Center

      • ○  Lease the space to another congregation for worship, etc...

    • PROJECTED MEMBERSHIP AND AVERAGE ATTENDANCE FOR ROME FIRST Snapshot of Vital Statistics For Rome First UMC 9/12/2017

      Apportionment Payments - 100% every year

      NGUMC Apportionments To Date in 2017 - 90% ROCA District Work Fund for 2017 Paid 100%
      (Information chart from the NGUMC website Year End Reports & Statistics)

    • ● It is unknown if the acquisition of additional property will add to or subtract from the existing membership and or average attendance at Rome First. It is hoped that if the property were to be acquired it would be used to the greater Glory of God and to advance the cause of making Disciples and building the Kingdom of God by Loving God, Loving People and Serving the World all while inviting and welcoming all as partners in transformation here in Rome

      The following are programs currently offered by Rome First UMC (in addition to worship and Sunday Schools on Sunday mornings)

    • ● Youth Ministry (weekly) Children's Ministry (monthly)

    • ●  United Methodist Women (multiple times during the month with circles and sub-meetings)

    • ●  Men's Ministry

    • ●  Men's Prayer Breakfast (weekly)

    • ●  Men's Bible Study (weekly)

    • ●  Wednesday Lunch Lifts Bible Study (weekly)

    • ●  Boy Scouts Troop 113 (weekly)

    • ●  TGIF - Thank God I'm Forgiven group (weekly)

    • ●  Chancel Choir Practice (weekly)

    • ●  Praise Band Practice (weekly) One Board Meeting (Bi-monthly)

    • ●  Church Conferences (annually or bi-annually)

    • ●  Congregational Care Team (Bi-monthly)

    • ●  Mission Auction (annually)

    • ●  Christmas Eve Service (annually)

    • ●  Rome First School (daily)

    • ●  Community programs/meetings that are currently held at Rome First UMC

    • ●  NAM! - National Alliance on Mental Health (weekly)

    • ●  Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts (weekly and in addition to special meetings and events)

      UMC District Training Event (annually)

    • ●  UMC Charge Conference (annually)

    • ●  HUG - Hearts United Gathering Event (annually)

    • ●  Faith & Deeds Community Tomato Sandwich Supper (annually)

    • ●  CRBI Fish Fry (annually)

    • ●  Yoga (semi-weekly)

    • ●  Rome First School Santa Breakfast (annually)
      Many other community events are held here as one-time events in addition to weddings.

      Accessibility to Rome First United Methodist Church RFUMC Space Utilization Survey September 1, 2017. 
      Our campus covers most of a city block in downtown Rome There are now six buildings:

      1. Our Sanctuary building located at the NW corner of the block which is bounded on the north by East Third Avenue and on the west by East Second Street, facing East Third Ave. (Street and avenue numbering and directions conform to the city of Rome's conventions, not strictly compass directions.) There is two levels, the main level Narthex accessed by two street entrances with steps and by a breezeway from the Administrative Building, and a lower level comprising the choir practice room, sacristy and a classroom accessed by stairs from the main level near the choir loft or from the Wilder Center through a lobby area.

    • 2. The three-floor Administrative Building faces E. Third Ave. beside the Sanctuary. The second-floor houses church offices and has an entrance lobby facing Third Ave. which is connected to the Sanctuary Narthex by a breezeway, and to the Education building by a breezeway. At the back the second floor it connects to the Wilder Educational Building by an enclosed hallway. The first and third floors contain classrooms, the first floor connects at the back of the Wilder Center lobby (three steps lower) via a vestibule and to the Education Building by a breezeway. We are in the process of designing a covered breezeway from the second-floor hallway between the Administration and Wilder buildings to the back of the Sanctuary near the choir.

      3. The three-floor Education Building contains classrooms and a nursery. The floor levels are one-half story higher than the corresponding floors of the Administration Building. There is a front entrance to the second floor facing Third Avenue and a breezeway from the front stairway to the Administration Building second floor lobby. There is a two-level breezeway (with a half flight of stairs) connecting the rear stairwell to the hallway between the Administration and Wilder buildings on the first and second floors. There is a first-floor outside entrance at the rear of the building.

      4. The multi-use, two-story Wilder Education Building is located behind (south of) the Sanctuary and separated from E. Second Ave. by a small parking lot and has 5 entrances. There are entrances from the first and second floors of the Administration building, from the Sanctuary lower level via the lobby, an entrance from the parking lot via a ramp and by steps, and two lower level entrances to the back (south) side of the building from a lower and larger parking lot.

      5&6. These are small houses at 206 and 208 East Second Street, directly behind (south) the Wilder Center, used as offices by non-profit organizations, including Action Ministries and Murphy-Harpst. They utilize the lower lot for parking.


    • ●  We have adequate off-street parking.

    • ●  There are 26 spaces in the upper lot beside and behind the Wilder Building and the Sanctuary,

      with entrances from E. Second St. and E. Third Street.

    • ●  There are 68 spaces in the lower lot behind and lower than the Wilder Building. The lower lot

      extends from E. Second St. to E. Third St. with entrances from both, and south to E. Second Avenue with a potential "cut-through to Second Avenue.

    • ●  There are small out-parcels on the SE corner of the block belonging to the First Christian Church which has 21 parking spaces, and the ALANON House, with no parking.

    • ●  Access to our buildings from the upper lot is easiest via ramp or steps to the Wilder lobby. Sidewalks, steps and a ramp connect the lower lot to the upper lot.

    • ●  There is limited on-street parking on Third Street and on Second and Third Avenues.

      Accessibility to First Christian Church Building:

    • ●  Should we acquire this building, located at the SE corner of the block at the corner of E. Second Avenue and E. Third Street and facing Second Avenue, we would acquire an additional 21 parking spaces. There are entrances to the main floor of this two-floor building from Second Avenue and Third Street sidewalks, and from the parking lot, with stairs to the full size lower level.

    • ●  Movement between our present buildings and the First Christian Building would be via sidewalk or across our parking lots
      j. Littlefield, 9/1/2017

      Submitted this 12th day of September 2017 to the One Board of Rome First UMC.

      ACTION: Approved by OneBoard on September12, 2017
       ____Approved by vote of Called Church Conference, September 17, 2017
       ____Approved by the ROCA Board of Location and Building on

      Questions asked by One Board:

    • Did you find any discrepancies with the appraisal value of the property?

    • ●  We did not find any discrepancies with the appraisal value. We did state if we were to make an

      offer it would be up to the appraisal value.

    • ●  Keep in mind the appraisal is not a final amount asked for the property

      Is it true you cannot do anything to the outside of the structure, only the inside?

    • Comment:

      ● You can make additions as long as they match the property.

    • We are always looking for ways to grow.
      When we were looking at the North Rome Church property we were excited about the possibilities. I would hope we would be looking for something to benefit the church in the future. We need to be looking for ways to grow our vision. I have been a part of this church for over 30 years. This may be the answer for growth and ways that we can change in the future.

      What is the process for purchasing the property at this point?

    • ●  This One Board meeting: 9/12/17

    • ●  Church conference meeting: 9/17/17

    • ●  Go before the district board,

    • ●  We will approve a building committee this evening

    • ●  Then we will have an inspection process

    • ●  We will need to name a dollar amount we will use for inspections. You must pay for the

      inspection even if you do not purchase the property.

    • ●  Building Committee will be responsible for arranging the inspection process

    • ●  They will create a report

      Does First Christian own the ALANON house located near the property?

    • ● No

      If we purchase the building, do we have to keep it the same?

    • ● We do not know for sure, but we would attempt to maintain the property as is. We do not know

      the exact historical rules.

      Do we know if anyone has expressed interest in the church?
      ● We cannot say for sure. We met their deadline and our interest is appealing because we offered

      to let them worship at the church. If we acquire the property they can worship in the church rent free and will be responsible for utilities and paying for any problems

      How long will the rent-free agreement last?

    • ● We cannot answer that at this time

      How does this change affect the Joel Committee Report?
      ● The Joel Committee Report suggested if this property became available the One Board should

      investigate and make a decision about the available property and structure

      Has there been any discussion with the Norton company?

    • They are the company that works with churches in the area

      ● This recommendation has been made at the conference level, and this is the company the conference uses

      Motion from One Board to Church Conference

      We the members of Rome First One Board authorize the establishment of a Building Committee for the purpose of:

    • Establishing a comprehensive list of building uses for 209 East 2nd Ave.

    • Develop a preliminary Financial Plan including a reliable cost estimate of any property to

      be purchased and funding method.

    • Obtaining a comprehensive Building Inspection for the purpose of making a possible

      offer for the purchase of The First Christian Property. (THIS WILL REQUIRE AN EXPENDITURE OF FUNDS.) It is requested that the Building Committee be authorized to expend up to $3,000 for the purposes of having the building, facilities, and systems inspected by licensed and qualified building professionals who will provide a report

    • on the condition of the building/facilities/systems and a cost estimate for any necessary repairs, replacements or upgrades needed to make the building safe and usable.

      The Building Committee will be charged with accomplishing their assigned tasks and making a report back to the One Board, A Called Church Conference and The Rome Carrollton District Board of Location and Building. The timeframe for the scope and work of the Building Committee is to be no longer than 30 days or a target date of October 17, the next regular meeting of the One Board. The next dates for the called Church Conference and ROCA Board of Location and Building are subject to approval by the District Superintendent.

      Will Wood: Made the motion
      Sondra Wilkins: Seconded,  the motion Voted and approved by One Board