One Board January 17, 2017 Minutes

1. Call to Order, Scripture - David Hale, Scripture from Mark chapter 12, quotes from Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy.  

2. Approval of Minutes—Cindy McGehee, Secretary

3. Announcements- Robert Brown noted that the eight days of prayer begin tomorrow and copies of the prayers are available.

4. The Board broke into teams for discussion

5. Love God/Love People - LaDonna Sawyer reported that the recent survey revealed the congregation desires relationships among ourselves and the community.  Congregational care committee is looking for new members to build on the care of the congregation, as well as supporting Murphy-Harpst children who age out of the program.  She hopes to offer CPR training two times a year, and to expand the training to evacuation procedures for our congregation and those using our facilities.  The Love God and Love People will combine when it is beneficial.

6. Serve the World - Evan McElreath noted that our youth ministry will change to integrate youth into the life of our church.  He is hopeful this will encourage ties to our church (such as while the students are away at college,) and will help students feel more connected in our church.  There are different affinity groups, such as outdoor, science, athletics, and deep thinking that will permit conversations in smaller groups.  Evan noted Rome Action Ministries has a new Regional Director, and there concern in their policies and responsiveness particularly regarding transformational/ rapid rehousing.  Our community involvement in the Davies Shelter was noted. There was also discussion of food classes to be offered by Berry students to help the community learn to plan menus, shop, and prepare meals. We are still looking for a name for the North Broad project.

7. Trustees- Larry Smith requested the approval for the trustees to mail the congregation to determine the interest level in restoring the windows.  This request would be separate from other stewardship and other funding requests.  Members could make donations to have windows named. He made a motion to move that the trustees proceed with a congregational letter to see the interest we have in refurbishing the church windows.  The motion was seconded by Dave Shelton and was approved.  

8. Finance team - A motion was made to remove Emily Stuckey as church treasurer from all bank documents and replace her name with that of Brenda Harp.  Sondra Wilkins seconded the motion and it was approved.  

9. Robert updated the board on the North Rome project.  We still don’t have a lease, but he expects to receive the lease from the district trustees by Friday.  He noted that we need to form committees to oversee the components of the project.  These are the current committees with members:  Budget - Tom Brown and Brett Horton, Leasing - Gaines Dempsey possibly Ray Cox, Publicity - Lisa Schlenk, Partners - Michelle Horton, Renee Webb, Grant writing- Kirsten Taylor, Permits - Pete McDonald, Project Manager - open.  Clean up days will be help on Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th.  A sign-up sheet will be passed around.  

10. The date for next regular meeting is March 7th at 5:30.     

11. Dismissal and Prayer Robert Brown