One Board May 9, 2017

May 9, 2017


  1. Robert Brown provided a reflection, on the wandering wonderer, Reinhold Niebuhr.  “Act morally in a broken and fallen world”  Robert asked is to remember that there is grace and that everything is redeemable.

  2. The minutes were approved

  3. David Hale provided a devotion asking us to consider that we entertain angels unaware.

  4. Robert Brown announced that he would like to appoint an ad hoc team to examine hospitality.  This committee would examine signage, the elevator, and the possibility of a sky walk so there is no need for the current elevator to be extended.  This project would need to be investigated and nonbinding estimates obtained.  This group could also investigate other usages for the current courtyard, and possibly install a columbarium.  He asked Luke Chafin, Brent Horton, Ray Harris, Lisa Smith, Renee Webb, Cindy Shelton, and Keith Howell to serve on this committee if One Board approves this request.  This committee would then be able to appoint ad hoc committees as needed to support their work.  Kirsten made a motion to accept Robert’s motion, and the motion was approved.  The first meeting of this committee will be held on May 17th.  

  5. Love God/Love People  LaDonna Sawyer discussed the STEAM camps and noted that they will now be known as Create Academy, Jr.  Scheduled next camp dates are May 30th and June 28th.  Adult volunteers are needed in order to sustain this camp.  The last STEAM camp was attended by 15-20 children, and the men’s prayer breakfast made pancakes.  She noted that there is a plan to have a children’s book library at the community kitchen.  There is a hope that volunteers will come to read for students at scheduled reading times.  If possible services would be extended to provide parenting skills and ESL opportunities.  Plans are being made to schedule a class for the care community, helping us to prepare to care for our foster family.  This family has 5 little girls who are siblings, and the family has suggested we could help with reading time and being pool buddies.  We hope to be able to have enough interest to have two care teams so we can support another family as well.

  6. Serve the World - Evan  McElreath noted that the Greathouse missionary family is retiring from their work in Brazil after 39 years.  Currently, Evan is investigating how we can support missionaries in the future.  There have been some changes at the conference and we may support the Bridges Missions instead of an individual missionary.  Brenda reminded the board that the 52 club started by Susie Edwards had provided financial support for the missionaries in the past.  She noted that many of the original members were now deceased, and she asked if we would be able to support missionaries without the continuation of this club.  Evan noted that we had met the budget requirements and that the Bridges Missions did not require a minimum donation.  Evan noted that Rome Action ministries along with Murphy Harpst had moved into our property (the old Do Good store).  Evan noted that he has been impressed with the new leadership with Rome Action ministries.  They have delivered as promised, and are growing.  They are developing a five-year plan with funding, and envision growing to include a comprehensive education program at Northwest Technical College, child literacy, and GED training.  They are currently focusing on projects in West Rome where there is property available for their usage.  He noted that $15,000 to $18,000 seed money would be needed and asked that we consider contributions.  He noted that they were also asking for volunteers to be CASAS (Court appointed special advocates) to speak on behalf of a child in DEFACS hearings.  He also noted that there is after school care already in place at the North Broad Youth Center.  They need $6000 for floor work, repairs, painting, a fence, and security.  They would like to one day add a greenhouse and mechanic shop. There is a robotics club that currently meets there and is sponsored by 100 Black Men of Rome.   Evan said that he also met with the new director of the Faith and Deeds Clinic and that they are concerned that they will be losing state and Federal funding and grants will not be available.  They are hosting fundraising events, including a raffle for a catered dinner after a high school graduation at the Forum.  Finally, Evan also noted that because of Rome First’s support of the Georgia prisoners re-entry program, we now are the co-chairman of the committee (serving as the community representative).

  7. Trustees - Larry Smith noted that two contracts are now outstanding for the work on the windows.  One for the work on the outside, and one for the work on the inside.  It will take about twelve weeks for the outside work and then the inside work will begin.  Larry thanked everyone for supporting this project.  Brenda Harp asked if there were any questions regarding the budget.  There were no questions.  

  8. The next One Board meeting will be held on August 8th at 5:30.

  9. There being no other business, Robert Brown dismisseded the meeting with a prayer.