One Board August 8, 2017

  1. Call to Order - David Hale opened the meeting with a prayer

  2. Larry Smith made the motion to accept, the minutes from the May 9, 2017, One Board meeting,  and the motion was seconded by Cindy Shelton. The minutes were approved.

  3. The finance report for July had previously been emailed to the One Board members. There were no questions.  Robert noted that district apportionments were fully paid, and conference apportionments were seventy percent paid.  This earlier payment was due to a change in our payment schedule.

  4. Replacement secretary - Cindy McGehee has accepted a position in Carrollton, Georgia and will not be able to attend the One Board meetings.  Rebekah Kinney will serve out the remaining of this year as secretary.

  5. Reports from ad hoc committee on hospitality:

    1. Accessibility - Cindy Shelton and Robert Brown met with Robert Noble, the architect that had previously drawn renderings for the elevator expansion. Robert Brown explained our new vision for the elevator and connection to the sanctuary and a rooftop garden.  For a fee of $2,000 Robert Noble would redo the renderings and prepare that necessary information needed for the solicitation of bids for the project.   Robert Brown indicated that funds are available in the capital fund for this project and asked for a motion for One Board to authorize the expenditure of up to $2,000 to Robert Noble for the purpose of architectural drawings, engineering documents, and other documents as needed for a roof top garden and covered connecting bridge to access the sanctuary from the current elevator.  The motion was made by Jerry Littlefield, and seconded by Larry Smith.  All were in agreement and the motion passed.

    2. Columbarium- Robert Brown shared with One Board that there was room in the courtyard for a 17x12 columbarium under the fountain.  The hospitality committee informally surveyed members and noted that most members over 60 had burial plans, but those younger did not.  This younger group would be the targeted group.   Additionally, Lisa Smith had shared with the group information about the Myrtle Hill Columbarium and the monument companies noted they would need a certain level of commitment in order to proceed with this project.  Only ashes (cremains) would be stored in the columbarium.   Funds from the purchase would be set aside in a restrictive designation fund to cover the cost of maintaining the columbarium.  Robert asked for a motion for One Board to permit the committee to contact monument companies to prepare a mockup of the proposed columbarium, and make presentations to the congregation to gauge interest.  The motion was made by Larry Smith and seconded by Jerry Littlefield.  All were in agreement and the motion passed.

    3. Updating hospitality policy/building use- The updating of the building use and hospitality policy will be considered later in order to include any changes necessary to incorporate the roof top garden and columbarium (if these projects are approved and completed).

6. Safe Sanctuary Policy - Cathy noted that amendments to the Safe Sanctuary policy had been emailed to One Board members and asked if there were any questions.  There were no questions and Cindy Shelton made a motion to accept the policy as mailed to One Board members.  Jerry Littlefield seconded the motion.  All were in agreement and the motion was approved.  Cathy noted that in September,  members would be asked to serve to review and expand the social media portion of the policy.

7. Robert shared with One Board that First Christian has fired their pastor and has voted to disband and sell their property.  He stated that they were requesting sealed bids on August 10th.  Robert noted that the Joel committee had stated that if the First Christian property were ever available, First Methodist should give serious consideration to the purchase of the property.  Current processes and procedures affecting the buying or renovating of property by a Methodist church will not permit us to make a bid by August 10th. Larry Smith asked how we could utilize the property, and no one was certain of a potential usage at this time.  Brenda Harp expressed concern should the property become a business or condo that would affect our parking and possibly in other ways.  Robert asked for a motion for One Board to draft a letter to the First Christian committee selling the property, asking for an option to pay up to the proposed appraised value, and for permission for us to go exercise our due diligence and go through our prescribed policies for a period of ninety days.  We would also offer to the existing congregation the right to continue to worship in the building if they would pay the utilities and repair anything broken.  This would not be a commitment to purchase the property, but a chance for us to go through the process as defined in the United Methodist Book of Discipline.  Nancy Ivester made that motion.  Tim Galloway amended the motion to state that we submit a letter of interest to extend an offer (as noted in the previous motion - should we extend one) and for One Board to name a study committee to begin the process and procedures required by the Board of Location and Building. Nancy Ivester seconded the motion, and all were in agreement.  The amended motion passed.

 8. Jerry Littlefield shared with One Board some information about a gift card fundraising project, that with the use of a card could give the fund raising institution a percentage of the sale.  He asked to be able to gather additional information to present to One Board.

9. Robert Brown dismissed is in prayer.  The next One Board meeting is scheduled for October 10, 2017.  

The Joel Committee 2007 Final Draft