Tim Tebow in the news again!

In an interview with ESPN Tebow explains- "People are what's important. And an opportunity to help someone is more important than anything that I could have possibly done on a baseball diamond that day."

Why is America so fascinated with Tim Tebow?

Part of the answer is his prodigious athletic talent. He was the first college sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy. He led the University of Florida to two national titles in three years. As quarterback of the Denver Broncos, he led his team to its first AFC West title and playoff game since 2005.

After limited playing time with three other NFL teams, he announced this year that he would pursue baseball. On the first pitch of his first game as a professional baseball player, he hit a home run. The video went viral immediately.

Part of the answer is his public faith. During college games, he often wore biblical references on his "eye black," the paint many players wear to help shield their eyes from the sun. When he wore "John 3:16" for one game, the verse became the highest-ranked Google search term over the next twenty-four hours, generating 90 million searches. His custom of kneeling in prayer on the sideline became a national phenomenon.

Tebow is obviously a talented athlete and committed Christian. But there's something America doesn't realize, a fact that explains his remarkable influence in our culture.

Speaking to an Easter Sunday crowd of twenty thousand in 2012, Tebow mentioned being traded from Denver to New York and said, "Regardless of what happens, I still honor my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, because at the end of the day, that's what's important, win or lose." His passion is to be used fully by God. That's why he is used so fully by God.

How will we be "used fully by God"? What if we look for ways to point others to God's Love? What if we used what's right in our hands already and re-purpose or re-focus the purpose to Glorify God? 

Our Mission is to make disciples for Christ by Loving God, Loving People and Serving the World! One of the ways we have to make disciples is through worship! Worship is ALL about bringing our best to God.  Rome First has a rich history of excellent worship. Currently, we have two opportunities to gather for worship. The first worship opportunity is a contemporary styled informal worship at 9am in the Wilder Center, where we assemble to pray, sing, affirm out faith, make offerings and hear the word of God proclaimed. The second opportunity is traditional and a more formal service held in the historic, vintage Sanctuary where we pray, sing, affirm our faith, give and hear the word of God proclaimed as well. 

During the season of Advent (the Sundays of Advent are November 27, December 4, 11, & 18) we will “preview” a “new” worship opportunity and a trial of “Worship on the Wilder Side” at 10:50 AM in the Wilder Center and a “new” worship opportunity called "First Light" will be held in the historic Sanctuary at
8:45 AM. The 8:45 “First Light” service will feature a traditional order of worship, with responsive readings, congregational singing, prayers, affirmations of our faith, the word of God proclaimed and Holy Communion will be served each Sunday. The trial of “Worship on the Wilder Side” at 10:50 AM in the Wilder center will feature the same great music, prayers, and preaching that is now at 9 AM.
You are encouraged to invite your friends, neighbors, folks at the grocery store…to “Come Home to Rome First" for Christmas this year.  Three opportunities to worship during Advent-
  8:45 AM  - “First Light” in the Historic Sanctuary
  10:50 AM -  “Worship on the Wilder Side” in the Wilder Center
  11:00 AM – Worship in the Historic Sanctuary

What if, like Tim Tebow, our single desire was to honor our Lord Jesus Christ in our worship? What if our passion is to be fully used by God to make Disciples for Jesus Christ?

Watch for more details about the "preview" of the three worship opportunities in the Season of Advent. After Christmas and in the New Year, we will have surveys available for everyone to complete to help evaluate the "preview" of these worship opportunities held during Advent. 

See you in worship this Sunday!


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