Serve Rome

Serve Rome is now officially underway!  One Board, the Governing Board of Rome First, accepted the proposal presented by the Serve Rome Ad Hoc Team appointed at their planning meeting in January.  The First Serve Rome Partner will be the Administrative Offices of the Hospitality House. (They currently share space on the Rome First Campus with Good Neighbor.)

Serve Rome represents a collaborative partnership with ministries and non-profits that have a long association with Rome First addressing the issues of Foster Care and Family Preservation as well as a host of other intentional community based solutions for the underserved and marginalized members of our community.

Serve Rome allows Rome First to fulfill and live out our vision of Serving Rome by Inviting and Welcoming All as Partners in Transformation.  Please take the opportunity to read the minutes of the One Board meeting either on-line or in this Herald.  Also, please make sure you take time to review the documents from the ad hoc team that were instrumental in helping to make this concept become a reality.

Many thanks to the members of the ad hoc Team – Cathy Aiken Freeman, Dave Shelton, Gloria Astin, Jackie Harrison, Rebekah Kinney, Kirsten Taylor, Mark Webb and Tim Galloway – for their hard work and tenacity.

For most of the congregation, Serve Rome will be a transparent extension to the ministries and outreach of Rome First.  However, with the addition of multiple users and additional demands on the physical plant and other resources the One Board approved some immediate changes to the buildings to enhance security and improve visibility.

The Security Improvements include –

  • A reminder to all users of the buildings –
Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 8.46.22 PM.png
  • All doors with panic-bar hardware are to remain closed and locked (the exception is Sunday Mornings when ALL DOORS are Opened and Unlocked)  
  • If your group uses the buildings, please plan to “post” someone at the door to let members of your group in the building.  You are also encouraged to share cell phone numbers in advance of the meeting so members who arrive late my call another member of the group to come and let them in the building.
  • NEW SECURITY Camera/Intercom Systems will be added to three doors on campus.  The intercom system will allow the receptionist/church office to have “remote unlocking” capability for the three doors controlled by the system. (The New Security System should be installed before the end of April.)

Visibility Enhancements –
The “rebranding” of the buildings by use of outside signage will allow the community to readily identify the separate entities that occupy the shared space that is Rome First.

  • The ROME FIRST SCHOOL will have a new Sign mounted on the Front of the Education Building on the East Third Avenue Side. Additionally, SERVE ROME, will have exterior signage installed on the Administration Building on the East Third Street Side of the building.  There will also be a SERVE ROME SIGN installed on the Wilder Center immediately below the existing “WILDER CENTER” sign.  
  • There will be additional signage installed inside the SERVE ROME Building (Administration Building) to direct folks to offices of our Serve Rome Partner Agencies.  The Exterior Signs should be installed before the end of JUNE and the Interior Signs will be installed once all the Partners are in place around the end of November of this year.

Please review the Time Line for SERVE ROME and welcome our New Ministry Partners who will join us in SERVE ROME.  

Because there are currently three Sunday Morning Classes that may be impacted by SERVE ROME, there is a plan in place to arrange temporary space in other suitable locations for the Sunday Morning classes. Every effort will be made to insure that the classes that are affected by the move will have adequate space and that the “new” space is as accessible as the space they are leaving, or will be more accessible and more conveniently located to parking, restrooms, etc…

There will be some challenges in the implementation of this new and innovative Kingdom Building Ministry. I am excited to be a part of this new endeavor.  It is both exhilarating and frightening all at the same time!  Exhilarating because it is a unique approach to collaborative Kingdom building partnerships that show the Love of God to the least in our midst. Frightening, because it is truly uncharted territory.  Exciting because it allows Rome First a ground level experience in the practice of transformational ministry.  There are more questions that are unanswered than there are answered questions at this point, but this much I know for sure – Serve Rome will make a difference in the lives of people right here in in Rome, Georgia.  

We have the privilege and honor to offer hope, healing and wholeness all in the name of Jesus to everyone who will walk through the doors of SERVE ROME.  

Who will we meet as we begin this new endeavor?  Where will this new direction take us?  

It reminds me of one of my favorite children’s books, The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss.  You never know where your feet will take you or who you will meet…

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 8.54.19 PM.png

FEET, FEET, FEET   O, How many Feet you meet. There will be a lot of “new” feet coming to Rome First.  I know that every person who walks through the doors of Rome First will be welcomed a precious Child of God!

I will see you here at the place where lives are transformed through the Love of Christ. Invite Friends to join you for your small groups and for worship.

Robert ><>