Selfless Acts of Compassion and Care

Some Selfless Acts of Compassion and Care

Gift a Friend a Pedicure

Call a Friend you haven’t heard from in a while

Send Texts of encouragement to soon to be graduates

Pick up your neighbor’s newspaper and take it to their door

Offer to Walk your friends Dog

Offer to treat a young family to a family Pizza Night

Call a neighbor who has moved away and “catch up”

Offer to push the grocery cart that has just been unloaded back to the store

Go to your favorite Coffee Shop an give the Barista $20.00 and instructions to buy the next ten people who walk up a medium coffee

Take Flowers to a Nursing Home

Take a basket of snacks/fruit to the Intensive Care Waiting area of the Hospitals

Write and mail 5 Thank You notes to people – Thank them for their kindness and gentle spirit

Send an e-mail to ten of your friends just letting them know you were thinking of them and wish them well

Compliment someone on their smile!