Serve Rome Partners

Serve Rome allows Rome First to fulfill and live out our vision of Serving Rome by Inviting and Welcoming All as Partners in Transformation. 



“Inspiritus guides individuals and families on a path from surviving to thriving. We empower those whose lives have been disrupted to discover their strengths and resilience, accompanying them as they grow into vibrant contributors to their community.”


Exchange Club Family Resource Center

“The Family Resource Center helps parents work through the challenges
through our in-home Exchange Parent Aide program and other services. We help families: create safer homes, strengthen their budgeting and stress-management skills, learn ways to help their children grow and develop, enhance behavior management skills, learn and access healthy support systems.”


Rome Symphony Orchestra

“The Oldest Symphony in the South.”


Hospitality House Community Education and Outreach Office

“Through crisis intervention, steadfast support services and community collaboration, Hospitality House for Women Inc. offers a safe, nonjudgmental vessel through which our community and our survivors learn the possibilities and the importance of leading safe, self-sufficient, nonviolent lifestyles.”


One Community United

“Our Mission:

  • To seek racial harmony and the melding of distinct and separate communities into a more united community. We seek a community where peace and harmony prevail, and fear and mistrust are dispelled.

  • To be a source of information and outreach to our communities through community events, dialogue and communications leading to improved relationships between communities and educational programs within communities.

  • To engage in no principal activity other than the promotion, conduct and completion of the purposes of the Corporation and to operate the Corporation solely and exclusively on a benevolent basis.”


Brighter Birthdays of Rome

“Brighter Birthdays is a community service organization that helps children in need celebrate their birthdays through the delivery of bags filled with toys and living essentials.”


United Way of Rome and Floyd County

“United Way galvanizes people to speak out for change. We’re amplifying individuals’ voices on important community issues. We provide a platform for people to take meaningful action that makes a difference.”