Learning how to apply biblical teachings to our daily living is one of the most important aspects of Christian Education. On Sunday Mornings at Rome First UMC, we have a number of adult Sunday school classes for you to consider. Some classes study the scriptures and then discuss how it relates to everyday life. Other classes prefer topical and Christian-themed book studies and discuss these. All the classes enjoy great fellowship and share the joys and challenges of life.

All classes meet from 10:00 a.m. to 10:50 a.m. each Sunday.

Administration Building, Room B-305                                    

This is a class for younger adults from their 20s to early 40s, both single and married, with and without children. The curriculum varies to include Bible study, Methodist beliefs, and life application. We are from different backgrounds and walks of life, but we share a common interest in strengthening our Biblical literacy and growing in our faith to become stronger disciples, spouses, parents, and people. We schedule several social events and service projects throughout the year.

Administration Building, Room B-303

Mixed aged adults who gather to learn about God in a discussion format that includes bible and book studies. The class enjoys periodic social gatherings as a way to encourage relationship building. 
*Genesis and Colonist classes merged to become Cornerstone. 

Administration Building, Room B-304

The Jack Anderson Class is an adult class of mixed ages. The class includes time for fellowship, sharing of praises and concerns, and discussion directed teaching. The class usually studies the Adult Bible Studies with an occasional book study.

Administration Building, Room B-302                        

This group is for people that are going through transitions in their lives and consider themselves a young adult or a young adult at heart. Whether you are in the beginning of your first career, first serious relationship, first child, or first big move, we would love to have you! The group meets Sunday mornings at 10am and also has a casual, fun gathering during the week to build new relationships with each other. If you are interested stop by Sunday or join the facebook group j.mp/jumpfirst.

Administration Building, Room B-201

The Martha Yeargan Class is a smaller discussion group with rotating leaders that digs deep into biblical passages.  They use a study of the revised common lectionary and other Bible-related resources.

Education Building, Room A-205

The NoMads Class is an adult Sunday school class with discussion format centered on stimulating, and sometimes controversial, current books. Members are generally 40+, and both married and singles are welcome. In the past several years, they have read and discussed many books by authors such as Thomas Cahill, Philip Yancey, C. S. Lewis, Thomas Moore, and Parker Palmer. 

Education Building, Room A-203

The Upper Room Fellowship is a large group of mixed age 55+ adults, both single and married.  The class uses the International Lesson Series and has rotating teachers with a mix of lecture and discussion.  They are involved in mission projects like the Community Kitchen, Free Clinic, Hospitality House Thrift Store, Rome Action Ministries, and a partnership with the ‘Shade and Freshwater’ ministry in Brazil.

Wilder Center, Walking Track

All new youth Sunday school format! Come experience honest dialogue with room for personal sharing.

Children Sunday School classes meet on the Kidz Connect Hall in the Administration Building, 1st floor. Nurery is provided each Sunday morning from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM and located in the Education Buidling 1st Floor.